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Season Is Over

Season Is Over

As you all know I was involved in a nasty crash on Sunday the 4th of June in Daugavpils, Latvia.  Read More


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I would like to thank all my sponsors and partners for 2017.

Not just the various companies, but also all the people behind the scenes who has helped me through the season and while I was trying to get back racing after my injury - all your help means a lot and if I was to do everything on my own, it wouldn’t be possible for me to ride speedway.

I’m super hungry and eager to get racing again. I’ve proved every time I’ve had an injury that I come back even stronger and that’s what I aim to do next year as well.
Bring on 2018!
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We still got a fair few items left of this years merchandise, so why not get yours now!

And we are SHIPPING FOR FREE to the whole of Europe if you buy 2 items or more.

Hoodies: £25 / 28€ / 210kr
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Shipping (1 item): £3.50 / 4€ / 30kr

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX- Large.

Send us a private message on here and we will reply to you with payment details etc.
Expect deliveries can take up to 3 to 5 working days.
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8 weeks post op and things is looking good. Nicolai has been walking without crutches for a couple of weeks now and got a good stretch and movement in his leg.

"It is definitely the toughest rehab i've been through to date. When I did my shoulder a couple of years ago, I was in more agony compared to what I am now, but I didn't have to put any weight on my arm. This time, I can't go anywhere without putting weight on my leg, but my knee is getting stronger and stronger every day!"

Nicolai is due to fly to Poland on Wednesday and then travel to Denmark over the weekend next week, for then to see the surgeon and his physio.

"I hope that they are happy with how my knee is and that they believe my knee is strong enough for me to start doing some more physical rehab in the gym. I'm 100% committed to be more than ready come March when the season starts."
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It's now nearly 4 weeks ago since Nicolai had his operation and things are looking bright.

Even though he's had a big shoulder operation years ago, this has been a tough test with ups and downs already.

"I got rid of my brace 2 weeks ago now and had my stitches removed. I've since then been walking, but I have problems with it swelling up a little through the day. I think it's also down to the exercises I'm doing to regain strength in my thigh and around my knee."

Next check up for Nicolai will be in the start of October, where he hopefully will be allowed to put more weight on his leg and do more advanced training.
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Nicolais operation went to plan and was very successful. Uffe Jørgensen who is one of the best knee specialists in Denmark made a new ACL of tendon from the back of Nicolais thigh, stitched up both his meniscus's and removed 2 pieces of cartilage. The cartilage is believed to be the main reason for the pain/swelling he's had.

Tomorrow he can remove the bandage from the knee, but has already started trying to get some kind of movement. Within the next couple of days he should be able to put weight on the leg and slowly start walking.

Next week he is seeing his physio regarding full rehabilitation and in 2 weeks he got his first check up after the surgery.

Nicolai and the team would like to thank everyone for their messages. We are now looking forward to be back even fitter and stronger in 2018.
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