We now have the full 2019 racing calendar ready for you, with all Nicolai’s races below.

It all kicks off with practice in Germany in the start of March, if the weather is kind to us of course. The weekend after it is the first test matches in Poland against some of the big boys from the Polish PGE Ekstra Liga – Torun, Wroclaw and Leszno.
So Nicolai will definitely be put to the test early on before the all the league racing starts.

In Klindt Racing we are not aiming for just as a succesful season as last year. We want to win more!

April 20th – SGP/SEC Danish Round @ Outrup
April 27th – SEC Qualification 1 @ Gorican
April 27th – SEC Qualification 2 @ Poznan
May 1st – SEC Qualification 3 @ Rivne
May 1st – SEC Qualification 4 @ Krsko
May 4th – Danish Champ. Quarterfinal @ TBC
May 17th – Danish Champ. Semifinal @ TBC
May 25th – SEC Challenge @ Nagyhalasz
May 30th – Danish Final @ Holsted
June 8th – GP Qaulification 1 @ Glasgow
June 8th – GP Qaulification 2 @ Zarnovica
June 8th – GP Qaulification 3 @ Lamothe
June 10th – GP Qaulification 4 @ Abensberg
June 22nd – SEC Final 1 @ TBC
July 13th – SEC Final 2 @ TBC
August 10th – SEC Final 3 @ TBC
August 24th – GP Challenge @ Gorican
September 28th – SEC Final 4 @ TBC

Poland – Ostrow:
March 16th – Torun vs Ostrow (Test Match)
March 17th – Ostrow vs Torun (Test Match)
March 20th – Wroclaw vs Ostrow (Test Match)
March 21st – Ostrow vs Wroclaw (Test Match)
March 23rd – Rifa Saitgariejew Memorial
March 31st – Lodz vs Ostrow
April 7th – Ostrow vs Gniezno
April 14th – Tarnow vs Ostrow
April 28th – Ostrow vs Daugavpils
May 5th – Gdansk vs Ostrow
May 26th – Ostrow vs Rybnik
June 2nd – Rybnik vs Ostrow
June 16th – Ostrow vs Gdansk
June 23rd – Daugavpils vs Ostrow
July 7th – Ostrow vs Tarnow
July 28th – Gniezno vs Ostrow
August 4th – Ostrow vs Lodz
August 18th – NICE PLZ Semifinal 1
August 25th – NICE PLZ Semifinal 2
September 8th – NICE PLZ Final 1
September 15th – NICE PLZ Final 2

Sweden – Gislaved:
May 7th – Lejonen vs Rospiggarna
May 14th – Indianerna vs Lejonen
May 16th – Vetlanda vs Lejonen
May 21st – Lejenon vs Smederna
May 28th – Dackarna vs Lejonen
June 4th – Lejonen vs Piraterna
June 18th – Masarna vs Lejonen
June 27th – Lejonen vs Västervik
July 4th – Västervik vs Lejonen
July 9th – Lejonen vs Masarna
July 25th – Piraterna vs Lejonen
July 30th – Lejonen vs Dackarna
August 6th – Smederna vs Lejonen
August 13th – Lejonen vs Indianerna
August 15th – Lejonen vs Vetlanda
August 20th – Rospiggarna vs Lejonen
August 27th – Elit Serien Quarterfinal 1
August 29th – Elit Serien Quarterfinal 2
September 3rd – Elit Serien Semifinal 1
September 5th – Elit Serien Semifinal 2
September 10th – Elit Serien Semifinal 3
September 12th – Elit Serien Semifinal 4
September 24th – Elit Serien Final 1
September 25th – Elit Serien Final 2

Denmark – Holsted:
April 24th – Holsted vs Slangerup
May 8th – Holsted vs Esbjerg
May 15th – Fjelsted vs Holsted
May 22nd – Holsted vs Fjelsted
May 29th – Grindsted vs Holsted
June 7th – Holsted vs Grindsted
June 14th – Region Varde vs Holsted
June 19th – Slangerup vs Holsted
August 7th – Holsted vs Region Varde
August 14th – Esbjerg vs Holsted
August 28th – Superliga Semifinal 1
September 4th – Superliga Semifinal 2
September 11th – Superliga Semifinal 3
September 18th – Superliga Final

England – Poole:
April 3rd – Somerset vs Poole
April 8th – Kings Lynn vs Poole
April 11th – Poole vs Kings Lynn
April 15th – Peterborough vs Poole
April 18th – Swindon vs Poole
April 19th – Poole vs Swindon
May 2nd – Poole vs Belle Vue
May 6th – Belle Vue vs Poole
May 9th – Poole vs Ipswich
May 26th – Ipswich vs Poole
May 20th – Kings Lynn vs Poole
May 23rd – Peterborough vs Poole
May 27th – Poole vs Swindon
May 27th – Swindon vs Poole
May 30th – Poole vs Peterborough
June 13th – Poole vs Kings Lynn
June 17th – Poole vs Wolverhampton
June 24th – Wolverhampton vs Poole
June 27th – Poole vs Belle Vue
July 1st – Belle Vue vs Poole
July 4th – Poole vs Kings Lynn
July 8th – Kings Lynn vs Poole
July 11th – Ipswich vs Poole
July 18th – Poole vs Ipswich
August 1st – Poole vs Peterborough
August 8th – Poole vs Ipswich
August 19th – Poole vs Swindon
August 26th – Wolverhampton vs Poole
August 29th – Ipswich vs Poole
September 5th – Poole vs Wolverhampton
September 9th – Kings Lynn vs Poole
September12th – Poole vs Kings Lynn
September 19th – Swindon vs Poole

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