Yesterday Holsted hosted the Final of the Danish Individual Championship.

The weather forecast looked threatening for the evening, however it looked like everything would clear up during the afternoon to ensure a good night of racing. It did clear up so that the track people could grade the track and put some fresh material on top after removing all the mud.

The rain came back though, but only a little most of the time. A low amount of rain and a smooth completion of all the heats made sure that the meeting got underway without any big issues, and the track even looked good despite all the rain.

Nicolai started out nicely with a heat win from gate 1 without any issues. However, from here on it was one big disappointment, with 4 points as the total when the evening was over.
A big congratulations though, to new Danish Champ, Kenneth Bjerre, and Niels Kristian Iversen and Rasmus Jensen as well who came second and third.

Read Nicolai’s own re-cap of the evening below:

“Am I disappointed? YES, very much! I truly believe I could deliver and create a really good result and I had good gut feeling, but it wasn’t to be. Even though I made good starts, my decisions were wrong, which put me in positions where I got passed or made mistakes. Looking back I should probably have settled for the place I was in after the start instead of thinking I could pass the guy in front of me, especially since I was out after every track grading, which wasn’t ideal yesterday. But sometimes You have one of those days where it all goes sideways and there is nothing you can do about it. I have to learn from my mistakes and move on!”

Nicolai has a chance to bounce back on Sunday when Ostrow visit Rybnik in the Polish 1.Liga.

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