This season has been my best season so far in my career, where I for once have been injury free, but only the 3rd time in the last 7 years.

I have always said to my self “if i can just have one or two seasons injury free” and this was the first of the two.

Since my injury last year I’ve been working hard, but not just that, I feel I’ve grown as a person, but also as a speedway rider. It’s been an amazing year for me!

Of course it hasn’t all been champagne and flowers – I didn’t manage to qualify to the Speedway European Championships, the GP qualifications or the Danish Final. Three goals that was on the top of my list! But because of that, I got the chance to focus on my league racing which is where I’ve got my results this year.

I’ve been in the final with all of my clubs and also managed to get a medal with all of them. I even helped my Polish team promote to the league above.

Whats stands out is following…….
– League Champions
– Knockout Cup Champions
– Shield Champions
– 2nd at the Pairs with Ty Proctor

– League Champions

– Bronze Medals

– Silver Medals
– Promotion to 1 Liga

Also I finished 3rd in a SEC qualifier and 2nd Pfingstpokal in Güstrow among other results.

If I should name one thing that is the reason to my success this year, it would be “focus”. I’ve learnt how to re-group, perform under a lot of pressure and also how to trigger my self mentally. But I still got a lot to learn and a lot of areas where I can improved, which I’m always looking to do. I’ve become a top rider in all of my teams which I’m very proud of, where I previously have been a middle order rider.

Already this coming Monday my preparation starts for 2019, where I’m having meetings with current and new potential sponsors for next season, but also getting back in the gym so when January comes around, I won’t be 10kg heavier than I am now. Even though my season has literally just finished, I’m super excited for next year and even hungrier for success.

I would like to thank my girlfriend Sera who has had my back and supported me every single day, my daughter Amalie for always cheering on me, my mom and dad for everything they do, my close friends, my team and the people behind the scenes, all my supporters in every country, my clubs and team managers who has believed in me and of course all of my sponsors and partners.

Most importantly I would like to thank my mechanics Piotr Prucnal and Chris Trattles. Combined they’ve done over 110.000km and more than 100 meetings and is a big part of the personal succes I’ve had this year!

– see you in 2019…..

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