Ostrow started the season with some tough competition, racing against at the Marian Rose Stadium in Torun.

The team ended up losing 58-32, but even though the result says one thing, the team definitely put up a fight. It was the first test match out of three against teams from the Extra Liga over the next week.

Nicolai scored 6 points from 5 rides and showed really good speed against some of the best riders in the Polish Extra Liga.

”Of course 6 points is not what I’m aiming to score, but these test matches is all about learning and improving. I was leading my first race, but due to a crash there was a restart. I then touched the tapes, so I had to start from 15 metres back. My next three heats was really good, making some very good starts and also had great speed. I made mistakes which cost me points, but you live and learn. I felt we had a really good day with lots of things to take forward and thats what matters the most.”

Next up for the team is another test match, this time in Wroclaw on Thursday with Nicolais new English mechanic joining in, which we are looking forward to.

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