Ostrow welcomed Tarnow at home this afternoon, in what ended a very close meeting. 

Tarnow looked like a team who were going to make Ostrow fight for every point. It was very tight from the beginning already. Tarnow kept the meeting either square or with a narrow lead for much of the afternoon.

Ostrow then started to pull away, but in the last heats of the day, Tarnow pulled back and Ostrow had to fight very hard to maintain their lead and earn the win, by 46-44. Nicolai scored paid 7 points during the meeting.

“Wow, that was a little too close for comfort! Very important to win the meeting as we got the bonuspoint. I don’t know what to say about my own performance. It was alright in the three heats that I scored in, but far from good enough in the other two. I didn’t get off the starts good enough until my third ride, but made two costly mistakes in the first corner and two changes on the bike setup. Again I didn’t stick with my gut feeling, which I’m pissed off about. Instead I was second guessing myself and that got me what I deserved – two last places. It’s a new day tomorrow, so I just got to move on and keep improving the good form I’ve had lately.”

Nicolai is riding again today, when Poole travel to Norfolk for their away meeting against King’s Lynn.

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