Nicolai enjoyed two home wins in a row with his Swedish and Danish clubs this week. 

Tuesday it was Lejonens first meeting of the Swedish season with their home meeting against Rospiggarna. Despite some rain during the meeting, they managed to ride 13 heats to seal the meeting and Lejonen secured a home win by 43-35. Nicolai had an odd meeting with paid 6 points in four rides.

“It was great to start the season of in Sweden with a win at home against a really strong team. I had one of those first-or-last days and didn’t feel very fast and was struggling with power. Especially coming out of the corners and from start. But main thing is that we won, I just have to work harder!”

Yesterday, Wednesday, Holsted had their second meeting of the season, at home against Esbjerg. Esbjerg who have Niels Kristian Iversen in their team had the potential to give Holsted a run for their money. However, a good start for Holsted, and a solid team performance, made sure that never happened. They ended up winning the meeting by 49-37. Nicolai did not have the best meeting with paid 7 points from six rides.

“Another home meeting, another win. We have now equalled our home wins from last season I think. I practiced before the meeting on the engine I rode in Sweden and an engine from last year, and the first one I was really struggling to make start on. At least we had something to compare with!”

“I had a horrible night points-wise. I felt I rode my heart out for nothing. I wasn’t very fortunate, as I was taken wide in two heats by my team mate, but at the end of the day I could have made better starts. I felt I had good speed, just wrong place, wrong time. We keep plugging away!”

Nicolai is on it again tonight, where Poole welcome Ipswich at home at Wimborne Road.

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