As many of you probably have seen on our Facebook page, Nicolai has been recovering his knee injury nicely.

He had his operation on the 16th of August which is now just over 10 weeks ago. It’s been a long hard road as he has been doing all his rehab and monitoring on his own with guidance from his physio in Denmark.

Wednesday this he went for his first check up with his physio at EmCare in Denmark, since he’s been able to walk on his leg again. He was very happy with the strength in the joints and how it’s healing up and also how Nicolai reacted to the first couple of test in the gym.

“It was super nice, but also super hard to be back in the gym. Something that I have actually missed! Due to not walking on my leg over 4 weeks twice, has meant my muscles is very small. But with the help from my physio I’m sure it will be back to normal in no time” said Nicolai.

He will be staying in Denmark over the next 3 weeks to go through a 6-days a week program to get into some kind of shape and also strength before he head home to England again.

“I’m so ready for the next couple of weeks. We will be working on balance and stability as well as strength and conditioning. A couple times a week we will be doing some performance based training, which is really good! Hopefully I will be able to start swimming soon too.”

He is also spending his time in Denmark with current sponsors, thanking them for their help over the season as well as trying to gain interest among new businesses. If you or your company might be interested in sponsoring, please contact Nicolai directly on email: nklindt@live.dk.

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