Sometimes you just need one more chance and that chance did Ostrow grab with both hands.

After loosing the 2 Liga Play Off Final with 2 points over all and the chance to get promoted to 1 Liga, they got another shot at going up, by racing two meetings against Pila. As you all might know Ostrow won the first of two meetings away at Pila by 4 points.

Yesterday the 2nd leg of the Promotion/Relegation Final against Pila was at home soil for Ostrow. After a very even start with two 5-1’s to each of the two teams in the first 4 heats, Ostrow pulled away and ended up winning 55-35. Nicolai and Zibi Suchecki secured the promotion in heat 11 by getting a 5-1 and after that Pila didn’t show up to the party.

Nicolai finished his polish season in style with a 15 point maximum, making at a total of 207 points for the club this season in 16 meetings.

“This is such a great feeling! Everyone was really down after the loss to Rzeszow, but to win against a much tougher team from the 1 Liga really showed what we’re made off. All the boys really showed up when it really meant something and I’m so happy to be a part of it.”

Asking Nicolai how his season has been with Ostrow he replied following.
“It’s been amazing. I took a step back when I decided to ride in 2 Liga this year, but I haven’t had any regrets of doing it what so ever. I rode every meeting possible, I’ve become a top rider for Ostrow and in the league and finally had the chance to show what type of rider I am. I’m really proud of what I have achieved for Ostrow this year and I’m very thankful for the believe the club showed in me from the start of the season.”

Next up for Nicolai is another final, this time in England where Poole is up against Kings Lynn tonight at home and away on Wednesday.

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