Ostrow faced Gorzow in the first of two meetings to decide who will earn a spot in the Polish Ekstraliga next season.

Ostrow came into the meeting after a good season in the 1.Liga, coming second in the league earning a play-off chance for promotion to the Ekstraliga.

Gorzow on the other hand came off a tough season in the Ekstraliga and now have to fight for their chance to stay in the top league. However, they looked like a proper top league team in the first meeting. Despite winning the first heat 4-2, Ostrow did not stand a chance against Gorzow.

Gorzow were too strong and with newly crowned World Champion Bartosz Zmarzlik showing his class it was going to be a tough meeting. It all ended with a Gorzow win by 60-30. Nicolai did what he could be scoring paid 12 points in the meeting.

“The result was what you could expect, but then again I didn’t think we would loose by 30 points. It’s a tough pill to swallow, but it is how it is. We won’t be able to pull back 30 points, but if we can finish the season by beating Gorzow at home, it would be a big deal. I had a good meeting scoring paid 12, which shows I can compete in the top league. So I’m happy with my performance!”

Nicolai is back in the UK, and tomorrow he and Poole will stage a postponed meeting against King’s Lynn.

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