Poole faced Ipswich over two meetings to decide who would go through to this year’s final of the Premiership.

They started at Wimborne Road, where Poole aimed to get a solid win before heading to Ipswich. Things did not go to plan in the first half of the meeting though, where they were trailing by 12 points!

However, for the second half of the meeting, the Pirates fought back. With several 5-1 heat wins they managed to win their home meeting by 10 points, 50-40. Nicolai scored paid 8 points in four rides.

“I don’t know what to say really, other than that was crazy. Being 12 points down after 8 heats and then pull back and end up winning by points. Just wow! What an effort from the boys. Personally I didn’t have the best night, struggled in the very wet conditions and also had clutch issues, but managed to scrape a couple of points together. New day for the second leg.”

Yesterday they had their second leg meeting at Ipswich. Poole had to make sure that they did not loose their 10 point lead. But Ipswich pushed hard to win the meeting by enough points.

For much of the meeting, all of the heats ended with a 5-1 advantage for either of the teams. Ipswich fought to keep a 10 points lead and gain even more ground, but the Pirates kept fighting back to retain their overall lead. Unfortunately in the end it wasn’t enough and Ipswich ran away and won by 54-36. That meant they won the semifinal by 94-86 on aggregate. Nicolai top scored with paid 13 points in six rides.

“Thursday I was speechless, but I sure am now as well. How we could throw away a 10 point lead on a track we won at the previous two meetings we have been there, I do not know. The first was a team performance with a big T, last night wasn’t. But again, you win as a team and loose as a team, and overall we lost to a better team, a team that wanted to be in the final more than we did. My performance other than one heat where I messed up was more or less perfect, but it doesn’t matter when the result wasn’t what we was looking for.”

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