Nicolai raced in the annual Auerhahnpokal in Teterow in Germany yesterday.

After some poor results personally this was a chance to bounce back. Nicolai showed he was up for it. During his first three heats he only dropped one point and beat German hero Martin Smolinski and meeting winner Adam Ellis during the meeting.

After his five regular heats he was third in the standings and was all set for the semifinal. Unfortunately this was the end of the meeting for Nicolai, despite a good meeting overall.

“I had a really good night in Teterow where my starts were spot on and felt fast for once. I was a bit pissed off getting excluded when I passed the guy in front of me for the lead, but he got scared when I came up the inside and crashed. In the semi I made a mis-judgement from the start, which meant I just sat still while the backwheel was digging a hole. All in all a good night and I was happy how things went, which was nice to feel. And the best thing was that I beat Rasser!”

Nicolai will get another shot at beating Rasser tonight, in the Pfingstpokal meeting in Güstrow, Germany.

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