Wednesday it was Holsted who welcomed Fjelsted at home and yesterday Nicolai competed for his spot in the Danish Championship.Holsted welcomed Fjelsted on Wednesday, where they had a bonuspoint to fight for, after losing by 6 points away against them. Fortunately all riders were there to step in with valuable points.

This meant that Holsted were able to beat Fjelsted by 47-40, which meant they got a win and a bonuspoint for the league table. Nicolai had a good night scoring 11 points in six rides.

“Very important to win and to get the bonus point against a very strong team. Sam was the man at reserve beating both Kildemand and Anders Thomsen. I tried a third engine for the third meeting in Holsted and felt quicker, which was good. So lots of positives to bring forward for sure.”

Yesterday Nicolai competed in the semifinal for the Danish Championship. The meeting was held in Brovst and the field of riders was quite strong. An important meeting, as the final for the Danish Championship is a big goal for Nicolai.

And he delivered by finishing second in the meeting, on 12 points for his five rides.

“After last years fiasco, I was really keen to show that it was a one-off thing not to make the final. I had a solid meeting, and all of my starts apart from the last one was good and the bike felt god as well. I’m very excited for the Final next week in front of my home crowd and sponsors.”

Next up for Nicolai is on Sunday in Poland.

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