Vikings Win

Vikings Win

Wednesday’s meeting between Esbjerg and Holsted was shortened due to track conditions, but Esbjerg was awarded the win. 

It was great weather, however, the good weather also played its part in the track conditions. It was very dry and dusty. This made the track start to crack in the bends. This made it hard for the riders to control the bike and it resulted in some heavy crashes. Due to the conditions and these crashes, the referee decided to call off the meeting after 8 heats and the rest of the heats were split 3-3 between the teams, ending with Esbjerg winning 43-40. Nicolai did not have a good meeting, scoring paid 4 points in four heats.

“There wasn’t anything that worked, neither my start or the speed on the track. We made some big changes for my last two heats which was better, but still not satisfying. The track was far from ideal and when you’re at the back trying to gain ground using different lines, mistakes happen and I made lots of them. It was annoying I nearly crashed after having made the pass on Bjarne early on in my last ride, but that’s how it goes. It was the right call to abandon the meeting after that one.”

We would like to wish Rasmus Jensen and Nicki Pedersen a speedy recovery after they were forced to withdraw due to crashes.

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