Despite losing away against Glasgow, Workington fought back to secure yet another final in this incredible season for them.

Having already reached two finals, in the Championship Shield and the KO Cup, Workington were keen on making it one more.

After postponing the initial dates, they ended up riding away and at home on the very same day against Glasgow. At Glasgow they suffered a 13 point loss, making it a big quest to reach the final via their home meeting. Nicolai had a difficult meeting, having to settle with paid 7 points.

“What a day it was! We did not perform at Glasgow apart from Rasser and Mason, but the track was very rough and bumpy. No excuse though, it was the same for everyone. But we just wasn’t good enough, especially myself!”

At home Workington faced a tough challenge overturning their 13 point loss at Glasgow, but they had done it before. And they showed that you should not write them off. They won by 14 points and went through to the final by winning 90-89 on aggregate. Nicolai had a much better meeting and scored paid 16 points in his six rides.

“We knew it would be very tough to turn over 13 points, but I got my act together and scored paid 16. Proctor and me wrapped it up in heat 15, yet again.”

“To be in three finals with Workington is unbelievable! I don’t think anyone would predicted that before the season started. I’m very proud of the boys!”

In these latter stages of this season, Nicolai have now reached the final with all his teams this season. It truly has been an amazing season all the way with all the teams! He and the team can now look forward to 3 finals with Workington, before going on a well deserved winter break.

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