Workington didn’t manage to keep it tight in the 1st leg of the Knock Out Cup Final.

Scunthorpe, who was the opposition in Sundays 1st leg, made it hard work for Workington going into the 2nd leg on Thursday being infront by 18 points after a meeting who was pretty one sided, unfortunately.

“They had the home advantage for sure and they had changed the track to make it more difficult for us, as we drew last time we was there. There was lots of passing as people made mistakes or tried to defend their line, but if you wasn’t there in the first corner and had traffic infront of you, it was hard work. It was sort of the situation I found my self in. And when your not getting the points you are looking for, you tend to change things to make it better, which went pear shaped!”

Workington shouldn’t be too afraid of not being able to turn it around. They have previously come back from being 28 points down against Edinburgh and turned over 13 points against Glasgow.

“The two meetings Scunthorpe have raced at Workington this year we have beat them with 14 and with 18 points, so it’s not impossible at all. But they have some riders who ride our track well and it is going to be tough. We wasn’t good enough last night as a team, but we are made out of something special, so we will make it happen Thursday, I’m sure.”

2nd leg is this Thursday at Workington 7.30pm local time.

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