2017 Results

Sun. 19thPK's Final Word @ Wolves04223011No. 4
Wed. 22ndPress & Practice @ Poole
Fri. 24thDW Invitational @ Poole112Aband.
Sat. 25thCumberland Open @ Workington212R16No. 10
Man. 27thWolves - Poole32323301650-40
Wed. 29thPoole - Wolves33332*1015158-32
Sat. 1stLeicester - Swindon (Guest)131*05148-42
Sun. 2ndKrakow - Lublin (Test Match)031*12*7246-44
Wed. 5thPoole - Belle Vue (KOC)31*2F32*11246-44
Fri. 7thBelle Vue - Poole (KOC)201001*26157-33
Sat. 8thLeicester - Poole31*13311134-56
Sun. 9thLodz - Krakow0311*5150-40
Wed. 12thPress & Practice @ Esbjerg
Fri. 14thPoole - Somerset (11am)312*3110154-36
Fri. 14thSomerset - Poole123002*8147-43
Sat. 15thLeicester - Somerset (Guest)21*317148-42
Sun. 16thSwindon - Poole (5pm)30312*9145-45
Mon. 17thKrakow - Tarnow212*207146-44
Wed. 19thPoole - Coventry (Challenge)3R12*6152-38
Fri. 21stGP/SEC qual. @ SlangerupOff
Sat. 22ndRye House - Poole10300449-44
Sun. 23rdRzeszow - Krakow20253-37
Wed. 26thEsbjerg - Grindsted031*32312152-35
Sun. 30thKrakow - PilaPostponed
Mon. 1stPoole - Swindon3031*310145-47
Sat. 6thSEC qaul. @ Lamonthe3213312No. 3
Sun. 7thBydgoszcz - Krakow332*8125-35
Tue. 9thVetlanda - Indianerna
Wed. 10thPoole - Rye House30113856-33
Tue. 16thIndianerna - Rospiggarna3301*7147-43
Wed. 17thEsbjerg - Holstebro1*2*R32*311344-40
Sat. 20thSEC Challenge @ Gorican033309No. 3
Sun. 21stGdansk - Krakow2*32EX310143-47
Tue. 23rdPiraterna - Indianerna0300350-40
Wed. 24thHolsted - Esbjerg001*23140-43
Sun. 28thKrakow - Daugavpils22*1*117249-41
Mon. 29thWolves - PoolePostponed
Tue. 30thIndianerna - Lejonen00043-47
Sat. 3rdLeicester - Poole1*13EF13312145-45
Sun. 4thDaugavpils - KrakowInjured
Tue. 6thDackarna - IndianernaInjured
Wed. 7thPoole - WolvesInjured
Fri. 9thBelle Vue - PooleInjured
Sun 11thKrakow - GdanskInjured
Tue. 13thIndianerna - SmedernaInjured
Wed. 14thEsbjerg - OutrupInjured
Sun. 18thKrakow - BydgoszczInjured
Tue. 20thIndianerna - MasarnaInjured
Wed. 21stPoole - LeicesterInjured
Mon. 26thPoole - Belle Vue0001*1143-47
Tue. 27thMasarna - IndianernaInjured
Wed. 28thEsbjerg - SlangerupInjured
Fri. 30thSEC Final 1 @ Torun000F0No. 16
Sun. 2ndKrakow - PilaInjured
Sun. 9thPila - KrakowInjured
Tue. 11thSmederna - IndianernaInjured
Wed. 12thPoole - Kings Lynn010144-49
Thur. 13thKings Lynn - PooleInjured
Sat. 15thSEC Final 2 @ Güstrow302005No. 11
Sun. 16thKrakow - RzeszowInjured
Tue. 18thIndianerna - DackarnaInjured
Wed. 19thPoole - SwindonInjured
Tue. 25thLejonen - IndianernaInjured
Wed. 26thPoole - SomersetInjured
Thur. 27thSwindon - PooleInjured
Fri. 28thBelle Vue - PooleInjured
Sun. 30thTarnow - KrakowInjured
Tue. 1stIndianerna - PiraternaInjured
Wed. 2ndPoole - Belle VueInjured
Fri. 4thDanish Final @ FjelstedInjured
Sat. 5thSEC Final 3 @ HallstavikInjured
Sun. 6thKrakow - LodzInjured
Mon. 7thWolves - PooleInjured
Wed. 9thEsbjerg - HolstedInjured
Thur. 10thPoole - Rye HouseInjured
Tue. 15thRospiggarna - IndianernaInjured
Wed. 16thPoole - WolvesInjured
Fri. 18thHolstebro - EsbjergInjured
Tue. 22ndIndianerna - VetlandaInjured
Wed. 23rdEsbjerg - FjelstedInjured
Fri. 25thOutrup - EsbjergInjured
Man. 28thRye House - PooleInjured
Wed. 30thPoole - Kings LynnInjured
Thur. 31stKings Lynn - PooleInjured
Fri. 1stSomerset - PooleInjured
Wed. 6thPoole - LeicesterInjured
Fri. 15thDanish League Semifinal @ TBCInjured
Sat. 16thSEC Final 4 @ LublinInjured
Wed. 20thDanish League Final @ TBCInjured

2016 Results

Sat. 12thBen Fund Bonanza @ Kings Lynn113386th
Thur. 17thIpswich - Scunthorpe1'EF326148-41
Sat. 19thLeicester - Sheffield2'32'07259-34
Sun. 20thScunthorpe - Ipswich133121045-45
Thur. 24thSheffield - Leicester1'31'05243-47
Sat. 26thLeicester - CoventryPostponed
Sun. 27thScunthorpe - Sheffield1EX01243-50
Fri. 1stLakeside - Leicester0100156-34
Sat. 2ndLeicester - Lakeside2300233-56
Sun. 3rdCzestochowa - Leszno1313845-45
Thur. 7thSheffield - Scunthorpe03110549-41
Sat. 9thLeicester - Belle Vue020241-52
Wed. 13thLeicester - Swindon132'1'7250-42
Thurs. 19thGP/SEC qualification @ Esbjerg32301951-42
Thurs. 21stKings Lynn - Leicester333EF000951-42
Sat. 23rdLeicester vs King's Lynn31332'1'215245-45
Sat. 30thStralsund – DMV White Tigers031000453-33
Sat. 1stBydgoszcz – Czectochowa2'02'26241-49
Wed. 4thGrindsted – Munkebo211302940-44
Thur. 5thDanish Champ. quarterfinal @ Outrup22333132nd
Sun. 8thCzestochowa - Krakow133309151-39
Mon. 9thLeicester – Poole2331'EF9146-46
Wed. 11thSlangerup – Grindsted111EF22746-38
Sat. 14thSEC Semifinal13321105th
Mon. 16thWolves – Leicester0EF23558-31
Wed. 18thPoole – LeicesterPostponed
Sat. 21thLeicester – Wolves2'3038139-51
Sun. 22ndDaugavpils – Czectochowa032300851-39
Fri. 27thLakeside – Leicester0011'2166-26
Sat. 28thLeicester – Lakeside3332'33320144-46
Sun. 29thCzectochowa – RzeszowPostponed
Wed. 1stGrindsted – Holsted031'2'2'210344-40
Thur. 2ndSwindon – Leicester12'33312143-47
Fri. 3rdDanish Champ. final @ Holsted331030104th
Sat. 4thLeicester – Swindon1'2'331'10344-46
Sun. 5thRzeszow – CzectochowaTT032EX550-40
Fri. 10thOutrup – Grindsted233EX601450-37
Wed. 15thGrindsted – FjelstedPostponed
Sat. 18thLeicester – Belle VueEX012343-47
Sun. 19thCzectochowa – Daugavpils323331454-36
Wed. 22ndEsbjerg – Grindsted3332'0011144-40
Sun. 26thKrakow – Czectochowa03021646-44
Mon. 27thLeicester - Coventry221'3210146-44
Wed. 29thHolsted – Grindsted1'33EX2'2'11341-43
Fri. 1stHolstebro – Grindsted3233121450-37
Sat. 2ndLeicester – Wolves011'2147-43
Mon. 4thWolves – Leicester1'21'307250-40
Wed. 6thBelle Vue - Wolves (G)1130546-44
Thur. 7thSwindon - Wolves (G)20212'7150-41
Thur. 14thKings Lynn – Leicester2113R754-38
Fri. 15thBelle Vue – Leicester003348-42
Sat. 16thLeicester – Kings LynnPostponed
Sun. 17thCzectochowa – Lodz123131046-44
Sun. 31stCzestochowa - RzeszowPostponed
Mon. 1stPoole - LeicesterPostponed
Wed. 3rdGrindsted – SlangerupPostponed
Thur. 4thPoole - Leicester00230558-35
Fri. 5thCoventry – Leicester31'033111150-40
Sat. 6thLeicester – Coventry331'3EF10152-41
Sun. 7thKrosno – Czectochowa02'EX226141-49
Wed. 10thGrindsted - Slangerup1'320118144-40
Fri. 12thMunkebo – GrindstedEX32'1118141-46
Sat. 13thCzestochowa - Rzeszow132331250-40
Wed. 17thGrindsted – Holstebro132'1'1'19346-41
Sat. 20thLeicester – PoolePostponed
Sun. 21stCzectochowa – GdanskPostponed
Wed. 24thPoole - Leicester010133858-32
Thur. 25thGrindsted - Fjelsted12'233314142-42
Fri. 26thSchildsbürgerpokal @ Teterow01119th
Sun. 28thLodz – CzectochowaTT10164-25
Mon. 29thLeicester - Poole1'32'2'2'313452-38
Wed. 31stGrindsted – Outrup13EX012741-43
Thur. 1stSwindon - Leicester002EF257-33
Sat. 3rdCzectochowa – Gdansk113321053-37
Sun. 4thOpole – Czectochowa31'23312133-57
Mon. 5thWolves - Poole (Guest)0EF0048-42
Wed. 7thBelle Vue - Leicester0022452-40
Thur. 8thFinal Four semifinal @ Esbjerg2122073rd
Sat. 10thLeicester - Kings LynnPostponed
Sun. 11thCzestochowa - Pila3TT3321160-30
Fri. 7thLeicester - Kings LynnInjured
Sat. 8thELRC @ CoventryInjured


26Press & Practice @ Lodz
27Lodz Vs Krakow (Test Match) AFLYST
28Grudziadz Vs Lodz (Test Match)012'1'4250-39
1Krakow Vs Lodz (Test Match) AFLYST
9Torun Vs Lodz (Test Match)322311153-37
11Lodz A Vs Lodz B (Test Match)33231137-40
17GP/SEC kval. @ Holsted120014Nr. 11
18Vetlanda Lag Cup @ Vetlanda333312Nr. 1
25World Speedway League @ Gorzow00EX0Nr. 3
26Lodz Vs Gniezno3TT20549-40
28Press & Practice @ Vetlanda
29Holsted Vs Holstebro03202'18146-38
2Master of Speedway @ Moorwinkeldamm3023311Nr. 4
6Vetlanda Vs Eskilstuna21'036156-34
9DM Kvartfinale @ Grindsted AFLYST
10Rybnik Vs Lodz02220662-27
12Motala Vs Vetlanda AFLYST
13Holsted Vs Grindsted1303131150-35
14WoFa Pokal @ Wolfslake342'2'4TT152Nr. 3
24Pfingstpokal @ Güstrow3310310Nr. 4
26Vetlanda Vs Indianerna32'038159-31
27Holsted Vs Esbjerg131'33011144-43
31Ostrow Vs Lodz0011263-27
2Rospiggarna Vs Vetlanda1'2036150-40
3Slangerup Vs Holsted45-40
4Lodz Vs Krakow SKADET
6DM Kvartfinale @ Grindsted SKADET
6DM Semifinale @ Holsted SKADET
10Holsted Vs Munkebo SKADET
14Lodz Vs Bydgoszcz SKADET
16Vetlanda Vs Gislaved SKADET
17Esbjerg Vs Holsted SKADET
19Outrup Vs Holsted SKADET
22Motala Vs Vetlanda SKADET
23Målilla Vs Vetlanda SKADET
24Fjelsted Vs Holsted SKADET
28Gniezno Vs Lodz SKADET
30Eskilstuna Vs Vetlanda SKADET
1Holsted Vs Slangerup SKADET
7Vetlanda Vs Motala SKADET
26White Tigers vs Wolfslake033EF3951-33
31Landshut Devils Vs White Tigers3216!01256-31
1Workington Vs Sheffield0311!1656-33
6Sheffield Vs Scunthorpe3201'6153-40
12Holsted Vs Outrup2021'1'028235-51
15Berwick Vs Sheffield003341-42
16Peugeot Int. Ch. @ GlasgowEF10TT34Nr. 12
20Sheffield Vs Edinburgh2331'1'010251-39
21Scunthorpe (Guest) Vs Berwick31'217149-44
27Sheffield Vs Redcar1'0337150-40
28Redcar Vs Sheffield3122'8143-47
29White Tigers Vs Norden32'33314161-25
31Scunthorpe Vs SheffieldEF3RR349-41
3Leicester (Guest) Vs Poole10311'06138-52
4Schildsbürgerpokal @ Teterow441EFTT09Nr. 12
5Night of the Fight @ Cloppenburg0202AFLYST
11Baltic Sea Cup @ Wittstock2233111Nr. 5
12Ostseepokal @ Stralsund AFLYST
13Int. Speedway Rennen @ Olching33333621Nr. 1
17Sheffield Vs Peterborough2'1'1'04344-46
27Peterborough Vs Sheffield32'32313151-38
4Cup of Mayor @ Czestochowa032027Nr. 10
11Abbeys Farewell @ Swindon02'3R5143-35
12Banks Olympique @ Wolverhampton120317Nr. 12


16Mads Korneliussen Testimonial @ Kings Lynn00033
17Banks Olympique @ Wolverhampton220026Nr 10
20Press & Practice @ Swindon
22Morten Risager Testimonial @ Ipswich33122TT11Nr 6
23Ostrow Vs Select Team (test match) AFLYST
27Swindon Vs Poole (Elite Shields) AFLYST
28Lakeside Vs Swindon1′21′15247-44
3Swindon Vs Coventry010126-36
5Tarnow Vs Rzeszow (test match)2EF02EF458-32
6Rzeszow Vs Tarnow (test match) AFLYST
7Belle Vue Vs Swindon AFLYST
10Swindon Vs  Belle Vue2′2138157-36
13Rzeszow Vs Lodz320TT1655-35
18Poole Vs Swindon (11am)021′25156-34
18Swindon Vs Poole03EF2545-47
19Osterpokal @ Güstrow2TT3308Nr 5
2DM Semifinale @ Glumsø1132310+1 Nr 5
7Holsted Vs Grindsted32′330314150-35
10Berwick Vs Scunthorpe AFLYST
13Peterborough Vs Scunthorpe AFLYST
15DM Finale 1 @ Holstebro30323213Nr. 2
16Scunthorpe Vs Glasgow22′33212157-36
20Peterborough Vs Scunthorpe31′33111146-43
21Esbjerg Vs Holsted11′13039138-46
23Plymouth Vs Scunthorpe332611555-40
26Scunthorpe Vs Peterborough233131246-44
28Holsted Vs Fjelsted32′301211147-37
30Somerset Vs Scunthorpe3331′111155-35
1Glasgow Vs Scunthorpe AFLYST
5Swindon (gæst) Vs Leicester0123648-40
7GP kval. kvartfinale @ Ljubljana3133313+3Nr 1
11Holsted Vs Munkebo2′1331′113249-38
12Sheffield Vs Scunthorpe303221041-49
13Holstebro Vs Holsted11231′2010147-40
14Golden Sign @ Krsko332333320Nr 1
18Poole Vs Leicester03121759-34
21GP kval. semifinale @ Czestochowa2323010Nr 5
22Brokstedt Vs Landshut03332′314154-40
25Holsted Vs Outrup3332′12′14250-37
27Scunthorpe Vs Newcastle000058-38
29Newcastle Vs Scunthorpe1EF01EF267-22
4Scunthorpe Vs Sheffield AFLYST
5Leicester Vs Belle Vue3032856-36
9Scunthorpe Vs Sheffield333321454-39
11Daugavpils Vs Rzeszow021350-40
14Leicester Vs Eastbourne2033845-44
16Kings Lynn Vs Leicester03230848-42
17Swindon Vs Leicester333221347-43
18Scunthorpe Vs Rye House32′EF1′6260-35
19Leicester Vs Lakeside AFLYST
24Redcar Vs Scunthorpe03EF21650-40
25Scunthorpe Vs Redcar32′21′8254-39
1Scunthorpe Vs Berwick AFLYST
3Rzeszow Vs Bydgoszcz332′3011157-33
4Glasgow Vs Scunthorpe1′023EX6153-37
6Grindsted Vs Holsted0022′2′06246-38
7Griparna Vs Hammarby30201655-35
8DM Finale 2 @ Fjelsted0113EX5Nr 10
9Leicester Vs Wolverhampton33132′12147-45
10Rybnik Vs Rzeszow3TT1331048-42
11Retro Fours Cup @ Wolverhampton0EF303F6Nr. 3
15Scunthorpe Vs Sheffield AFLYST2′13130-18
16Leicester Vs Lakeside203130948-42
17Wolfslake Vs Brokstedt0331′029153-37
18Wolverhampton Vs Leicester02202656-37
20Slangerup Vs Holsted1′130EX38140-43
21Örnarna Vs Hammarby SKADET
23Leicester Vs Poole SKADET
24Rzeszow Vs Lublin SKADET
25Scunthorpe Vs Redcar SKADET
25Leicester Vs Coventry SKADET
27Holsted Vs Esbjerg3 ef02′05138-46
28Redcar Vs Scunthorpe03 2′1 1′7244-46
29Örnarna Vs Hammarby222331′13157-33
30Workington Vs Scunthorpe001′01149-41
31Scunthorpe Vs Workington1111453-37
31Leicester Vs Coventry2033854-38
1Wolverhampton Vs Leicester00203550-42
2Peterborough Vs Scunthorpe03 1′329145-44
3Fjelsted Vs Holsted00103446-40
4Hammarby Vs Masarna333111142-48
5Scunthorpe Vs Peterborough3 2′ 2′18258-36
6Leicester Vs Swindon20212737-52
8Belle Vue Vs Leicester06!03311355-38
9Scunthorpe Vs Berwick31′2′2′8362-34
11Leicester Vs Kings Lynn303311039-51
12Somerset (gæst) Vs Workington3332′2′13264-28
13Rye House Vs Scunthorpe133121059-35
17Leicester Vs Poole R030341-49
20GP kval. finale @ Lonigo0221EF5Nr. 11
25Ipswich Vs Scunthorpe31′F4157-35


8Tomas Topinka Farewell10333010No. 4
10Fast Freddies Challenge @ Wolverhampton3EF1105No. 12
15Press & Practice @ Kings Lynn
23Ostrow Vs Wroclaw (test match) AFLYST
24Wroclaw Vs Ostrow (test match) AFLYST
29Peterborough Vs Kings Lynn1′11′36240-50
29Kings Lynn Vs Peterborough2′1′36241-33
1Gneizno Vs Wroclaw AFLYST
3Poole Vs Kings Lynn201′14148-45
7Wroclaw Vs Gorzow AFLYST
10Kings Lynn Vs Coventry2′EF136149-41
12Coventry Vs Kings Lynn AFLYST
14Pairs Open @ Ostrow2322211
17Kings Lynn Vs Eastbourne01′EF01151-39
23Lakeside Vs Kings Lynn (Sky Sports)001EF153-39
24Kings Lynn Vs Poole (Sky Sports)1′01′02249-41
4Danish Semifinal @ Outrup23131310+3No. 5
5Kurt Bøgh Memorial @ Holsted3132211No. 3
8Holsted Vs Holstebro1333311437-47
9Peterborough Vs Poole21′036159-34
10Lakeside Vs PeterboroughEF00051-39
15Grindsted Vs Holsted AFLYST
17Somerset Vs Sheffield AFLYST13418-6
18Auerhahnpokal @ Teterow AFLYST
19Pfingstpokal @ Güstrow313119No. 8
22Holsted Vs Munkebo2′3330314151-35
24Danish Final 1 @ Slangerup30232212No. 2
27Peterborough Vs Coventry002′2137-56
27Coventry Vs Peterborough200250-40
29King’s Lynn Vs Peterborough AFLYST
30German Open @ Olching231017No. 9
2Czestochowa Vs Wroclaw302′22211154-36
3Peterborough Vs Wolverhampton AFLYST
5Holsted Vs Outrup011′2′32′9351-35
7Holstebro Vs Holsted22032′009147-39
9Wroclaw Vs Gorzow1′001142-48
10Belle Vue Vs Peterborough0000049-41
12Munkebo Vs Holsted1′0203148-36
14Peterborough Vs Eastbourne002′2′2′6353-42
17Wolverhampton Vs Peterborough000TT0051-43
19Holsted Vs Esbjerg1′002003142-42
5Plymouth Vs Rye House03303948-45
6Eastbourne Vs Peterborough22′0TT04154-36
11John Berry Memorial @ Ipswich13TT232213No. 2
18Ipswich Vs Scunthorpe32031′9147-43
19Scunthorpe Vs Redcar0033645-44
20Rye House Vs Glasgow12′2′16260-33
20Rye House Vs Sheffield02′024153-42
21Pride of Midlands @ Leicester00EF101No. 16
26Somerset Vs Scunthorpe10232849-41
31Grindsted Vs Holsted32′1′33214241-44
2Scunthorpe Vs Berwick313734-31
3Leicester Vs Scunthorpe21′131′19246-43
7Birmingham Vs Wolverhampton (Sky Sports)302′16157-33
8Redcar Vs Scunthorpe2R3321049-44
11Workington Vs Scunthorpe1′300329147-44
12Wolverhampton Vs Birmingham302TT1651-39
14Holsted Vs Grindsted231331′13153-34
16Scunthorpe Vs Plymouth3132′3315156-34
21Esbjerg Vs Holsted22332′1′013243-41
22Sheffield Vs Scunthorpe31′3EF07144-46
23Plymouth Vs Scunthorpe322′018144-46
26Scunthorpe Vs Leicester3X123R951-38
28Fjelsetd Vs Holsted033302′11139-45
30Danish Final 2 @ Holsted110002No. 10
3Outrup Vs Holsted1′0034133-53
4Holsted Vs Fjelsted3331031337-45
9Peterborough Vs Wolverhampton123221055-38
11Superliga Final Four @ Esbjerg201227No. 3
13Schildsbürgerpokal @ Teterow44402014
14Fight of The Night @ Cloppenburg AFLYST20EF
15Scunthorpe Vs Sheffield AFLYST
16Joe Hughes Invitational @ Wolverhampton2311310No. 5
23Wolverhampton Vs Birmingham (Sky Sports)30030644-46
26Sheffield Vs Scunthorpe (Retro Cup)0001′34136-42
27Somerset Vs Rye House311331159-31
29Scunthorpe Vs Sheffield (Retro Cup)2′12′3EF8254-24
30Birmingham Vs Wolverhampton (Sky Sports)320300855-38
3Ipswich Vs Edinburgh1′02′EX14241-49
4Edinburgh Vs IpswichEF2′002′4253-37
6Open Meeting @ Czestochowa202138No. 7


6Danish National Team Practice @ Scunthorpe
7Danish National Team Practice @ Scunthorpe
8Danish National Team Practice @ Kings Lynn
9Danish National Team Practice @ Kings Lynn
11Ben Fund Bonanza @ Birmingham01023No 16
13Open Practice @ Wolves
14Team Practice @ Wolves
18Bob Kilby Memorial @ Swindon012003No 16
19Wolves Vs Poole (ES)233201044-46
21Poole Vs Wolves (ES)0EX12358-34
22Birmingham Vs Wolves (MS)3211750-43
24Wroclaw Vs Ostrow (TEST)3110546-31
25Ostrow Vs Wroclaw (TEST)3032′2′10243-46
26Wolves Vs Birmingham (MS)1031′31′9251-39
30Coventry Vs Wolves (MS)201′4^32′12249-43
1Zielona Gora Vs Wroclaw (TEST) CANCELLED
2Wolves Vs Coventry (MS)21EF4^1840-55
3Wroclaw Vs Zielona Gora (TEST)33EF10732-58
6Belle Vue Vs Wolves CANCELLED
9Tarnow Vs Wroclaw22020661-29
10Wolves Vs Belle Vue CANCELLED
11Birmingham Vs Wolves01′304150-42
14Eastbourne Vs Wolves31331054-38
15Wroclaw Vs Gorzow CANCELLED
16Wolves Vs Eastbourne2′12′319251-41
20Lakeside Vs Wolves CANCELLED
22Leszno Vs Wroclaw2132201052-38
23Wolves Vs King’s Lynn3002551-41
25Poole Vs Wolves CANCELLED
28Danish Championship Semifinal @ Fjelsted CANCELLED
29Danish Championship Semifinal @ Fjelsted3322010No 5
30Wolves Vs Poole233F843-47
1Fjelsted Vs Holsted03EX01EX446-36
3Coventry Vs Wolves0022452-40
6Wolves Vs Eastbourne1′EX0EF1149-42
11JCB Best Pairs @ Güstrow232′332′1521st
13Wolves Vs Coventry2′0231′8251-39
14Hammarby Vs Vastervik100160-30
15Holsted Vs Grindsted1032′2′08242-42
18Eastbourne Vs Wolves1′00304161-32
20Wolves Vs Birmingham12′EX36153-40
22Poole Vs Wolves22020652-38
23Ipswich Vs Rye House (John Berry Memorial)33331244-34
27Wolves Vs Belle Vue CANCELLED
28Målilla Vs Västervik (Play Off)00053-37
29Holsted Vs Holstebro2′2331011151-35
30Birmingham Vs Wolves2216^1148-45
31Danish Championship Round 2 @ Outrup
11 division @ Munkebo1033EFEX73rd
3Wolves Vs Lakeside0FTT0047-43
10Belle Vue Vs Wolves CANCELLED
12Superliga Finale @ Esbjerg3003063rd
13Birmingham Vs Eastbourne (G)301′116156-34
1Wolves Vs Belle Vue11′3207146-44
16Banks Olympique @ Wolves0322FX79th

2011 Results

31Rawicz Vs Gniezno – Challenge332823-55
3Bydgoszcz Vs Daugavpils1′01′2′R4357-33
16Danish Division 1 @ Randers – Esbjerg33X33122. Plads – 30 Pts
20Poole Vs Swindon32111850-42
21Swindon Vs Birmingham322021′10142-51
22Birmingham Vs Swindon3113301148-42
25Daugavpils Vs Gniezno1111′4154-36
27EL Paris Championship2′42085. Plads – 20 Pts
28Swindon Vs Poole12′232M10149-43
30EM kvartfinale @ StralsundT112379. Plads
1Grudziadz Vs Daugavpils211′2′1′7352-35
2Swindon Vs Eastbourne31211851-41
4Slangerup Vs Holsted1R1′22′17243-41
7Danish Individual Championships1331087. Plads
8Daugavpils Vs Rybnik01131647-43
10Vastervik Vs Indianerna0030348-42
11Vargarna Vs Vastervik1′3138139-51
12Swindon Vs Wolverhampton223031050-45
17Vetlanda Vs Vastervik222′01′7254-36
18Holsted Vs Fjelsted2′3332′114250-37
24Piraterna Vs Vastervik110257-33
25Fjelsted Vs Holsted1′32′11210244-40
26Swindon Vs Belle VueR3311849-41
29Daugavpils Vs Gdansk12′1′04245-44
31Västervik Vs Lejonen22′2′39254-36
1Holsted Vs Holstebro32′221′1′11352-32
3Danish Championship Final Event 12121397. Plads
7Hammarby Vs Västervik0300352-38
9Swindon Vs Coventry23R21850-40
10Coventry Vs Swindon1′313311148-42
12Daugavpils Vs Lodz3R2′5146-13
14Västervik Vs Dackarna222′39144-46
15Holsted Vs Esbjerg3333131645-39
17Grand Prix Qualification30201610. Plads
18EM semifinale @ Mureck32233132. Plads
19Rybnik Vs Daugavpils1′12307147-42
22Poole Vs Swindon (KoC)21′226^114155-41
24Holstebro Vs Holsted2′1300309145-39
28Valsarna Vs Västervik3100446-44
29Holsted Vs Slangerup2333031439-45
30Swindon Vs Lakeside1′133311143-47
2Grand Prix Qual. semifinale @ Daugavpils18. Plads
5Västervik Vs Vargarna2′031′6249-41
6Esbjerg Vs Holsted1′2′332314238-48
9World Cup Event 1Reserve
16World Cup FinaleReserve
19Indianerna Vs Västervik0121′4159-31
21Swindon Vs Eastbourne131′38146-44
22Coventry Vs Swindon1′3X^307156-37
26Västervik Vs Vetlanda332′1110143-47
28Swindon Vs King´s Lynn1′22F5143-47
29Coventry (G) Vs Birmingham22′1′05248-45
30Eastbourne Vs Swindon226^F101159-33
2Västervik Vs Piraterna000041-49
3King´s Lynn Vs SwindonFx031′4148-45
4Swindon Vs Peterborough1′3RR4147-43
5Danish Championship Final Event 231312105. Plads
8Grindsted Vs HolstedAflyst
9Lejonen Vs Västervik0331′108151-39
10Poole Vs Swindon1′34^008153-41
11Swindon Vs Poole16^2301243-50
12Outrup Vs HolstedAflyst
15Peterborough Vs Swindon31^3R0763-27
16Västervik Vs Hammarby1′12′13311246-44
17Holsted Vs Grindsted3233011247-37
19Lakeside (G) Vs Peterborough3311′2′10266-26
23Dackarna Vs Västervik1′31′3210248-41
28Eastbourne Vs Swindon316^001059-32
1Swindon Vs Coventry333101043-47
2Outrup Vs Holsted213002842-42
3Flutlichtrennen @ Cloppenburg, Germany22112084. Plads
5Grindsted Vs Holsted2133331539-45
6Västervik Vs Valsarna1′01′35249-41
7Holsted Vs Vojens32′330314154-31
8Swindon Vs Peterborough2′1328149-43
12Peterborough Vs SwindonAflyst
13Vargarna Vs Västervik2′1330211150-40
16Holsted Vs Outrup12′30129149-39
20Västervik Vs Vargarna1331847-42
24European final @ Rivne, Ukraine2112179. Plads
27Dackarna Vs Västervik0311559-31
28Västervik Vs Dackarna10R141-49
7Peterborough Vs Swindon131R554-36
14Pride Of The Midlands22322114. Plads
15ELRC @ Swindon0121X416. Plads
18Banks Olympique @ WolvesX132288. Plads
21Coventry (G) Vs Wolves1′31218157-38
24Wolves Vs Coventry (G)3FX22′7138-52
3Rob Woffinden Memorial33pts


15Wolves Vs Coventry2′1339147-43
19Coventry Vs Wolves -CHAflyst
21Rybnik – IndervidualAflyst
22Wolves Vs Lakeside – Elite Shield2′3Fx38162-34
26Lakeside Vs Wolves – Elite Shield32′038150-40
29Wolves Vs SwindonAflyst
1Rybnik Vs Rzeszow – CH32321042-47
2Belle Vue Vs Wolves232′07147-43
4Poole Vs Wolves23R0557-35
6Wolves Vs Belle Vue1′2Fx2′5250-43
8Ipswich Vs Wolves – Knockout Cup3323X1143-46
12Ipswich Vs Wolves – Knockout CupF1′F34156-39
15Swindon Vs Wolves0R23551-45
19Wolves Vs Eastbourne321′39146-44
23Outrup Vs Brovst32′32′R212251-36
25Rybnik Vs Daugavpils12′1′23312249-41
26Wolves Vs Poole22331′11150-43
30Coventry Vs WolvesAflyst
1Eastbourne (Guest) Vs Belle Vue1′1′2318255-41
2Rybnik Vs Grudziadz1132R0738-51
3Wolves Vs Coventry2113756-38
4Västervik Vs Dackarna31′31311136-30
6Gniezno Vs RybnikAflyst
7Outrup Vs Slangerup3330945-42
9Miskolc Vs RybnikXX1120450-39
10Wolves Vs Lakeside01′236156-38
11Rospiggarna Vs Västervik322′3010151-45
14Peterborough Vs Wolves1122657-36
15David Norris Farewell21102612. Plads
17Wolves Vs Peterborough31′33X10155-40
18Västervik Vs Rospiggarna12′3208149-47
20Coventry Vs Wolves2′222311146-44
21Outrup Vs Fjelsted1′332′2′11353-34
23Poznan Vs Rybnik0T212′3210152-38
24Lakeside Vs Wolves1202551-44
25Piraterna Vs Västervik30020556-40
28Danish Final13133113. plads
31Wolves Vs Eastbourne2′2′3310261-29
1Västervik Vs Piraterna12′2′0139253-43
5Dansk Metal Speedway Grand Prix – Res1116. Plads
6Rzeszow Vs Rybnik30010459-31
7Wolverhampton Vs Peterborough32321050-43
8Västervik Vs Indianerna32′1′2′3011356-40
9Hans Andersen TestemonialAflyst
10Ipswich Vs Wolverhampton1000150-43
12Grand Prix Qualification333111113. Plads
13Gdansk Vs Rybnik032X32′10155-35
15Indianerna Vs Västervik2311131157-39
17Eastbourne Vs Wolverhampton2′1′115245-48
18Outrup Vs Esbjerg3333331858-27
20Rybnik Vs Miskolc02′332′10263-27
22Västervik Vs Valsarna2′1104153-43
24Rybnik Vs Rzeszow3220733-45
25Brovst Vs Outrup1213321238-48
27Grudziadz Vs Rybnik032111859-31
28Wolverhampton Vs Belle Vue0012′3156-39
29Valsarna Vs Västervik20003544-52
30Belle Vue Vs Wolverhampton31′105145-45
5Wolverhampton Vs Ipswich3222301254-39
6Elit Vetlanda Vs Västervik3102652-44
8Ipswich Vs Wolverhampton222231144-46
9Holstebro Vs Outrup20212′0310146-41
10Rybnik Vs Poznan2′X125149-41
11Rybnik Vs Gniezno131231′11138-52
12Wolverhampton Vs Swindon0102350-42
13Västervik Vs Elit VetlandaFx0300344-52
22Peterborough Vs Wolverhampton20012557-35
25SWC Event One3012172. Plads
29SWC Race-Off1231181. Plads
1SWC Final – Vojens1112162. Plads
2Wolverhampton Vs Ipswich332′32′13257-38
3Västervik VsVargarna1002′3151-45
6Danish Final Round 2T2X3167. Plads – 11+6 = 17
9Wolverhampton Vs Coventry20231850-40
10Lejonen Vs Västervik110253-43
13Outrup Vs Vojens1321′108143-43
16Gary Peterson Memorial333221323. Plads
18Poole Vs Wolverhampton33311053-39
23Wolverhampton Vs Poole2210550-40
25Coventry Vs Wolverhampton – Knockout CupAflyst
26Eastbourne Vs WolverhamptonAflyst
27Outrup Vs Holsted33332′317150-35
30Wolverhampton Vs Lakeside2′0237156-37
2Swindon Vs Wolverhampton21F22′7148-45
3Outrup Vs Holstebro202003744-43
4Elite League Pairs Championship2424127. Plads
5Rybnik Vs Grudziadz0220444-34
6Wolverhampton Vs SwindonAflyst
12Grudziadz Vs Rybnik01210448-42
13Wolverhampton Vs Poole201′03144.5-44.5
16Eastbourne Vs Wolverhampton0203549-41
17Vojens Vs Outrup3331RR1048-38
19Poznan Vs Rybnik10F160-30
20Poole Vs Wolverhampton03122′8153-41
21Västervik Vs Dackarna303031′10144-52
22Slangerup Vs Outrup21′X1026144-41
25Dansih Second Division @ Munkebo – Outrup3333121. Plads – 51 Pts
30Coventry Vs Wolverhampton1′1′002248-42
10Eastbourne Vs Wolves – Knockout Cup00022463-29
11Wolverhampton Vs Swindon2′0136155-40
11Wolves Vs Eastbourne – Knockout Cup01′02′3244-46


4New Year Classic @ PooleT0023513. Plads
15Prince Of Wales Trophy @ Newport23167. Plads
15Swindon Diamond Jubilee @ Swindon20111512. Plads
16Wolves Vs Coventry – CH1′1304152-41
19Peterborough Vs Denmark – CH2′M1′14248-42
20Coventry Vs Wolves – CH01′014146-44
22Billy Hamill Farewell00011215. Plads
26Swindon Vs Wolves – LC0021357-36
30Wolves Vs Lakeside0322′7152-41
6Wolves Vs Swindon – LC02′X2153-40
13Ostrow Vs Poznan31′2′6257-36
14Wolves Vs Belle Vue1322′8159-35
17Vetlanda Cup – Dackarna3232102. Plads – 34 Pts
19Gniezno Vs Ostrow11′2152-38
20Wolves Vs Poole1′132′7258-34
21Dackarna Vs Malilla – CH232121059-61
22Poole Vs Wolves2′T327139-54
29Vojens Vs Holsted0232′1′210248-39
30Ipswich Vs Wolves0000051-40
1Lakeside Vs Wolves0100147-42
3Ostrow Vs RybnikR123644-45
4Wolves Vs Coventry2′0013150-40
5Dackarna Vs Piraterna0R1122′6153-43
8Danish Individual Championship97. Plads
10Tarnow Vs Ostrow100155-38
11Wolves Vs IpswichF131553-40
13Holsted Vs VojensR31′2′2′311349-38
16World U21 Qualification – Mseno33313133. Plads
18Wolves Vs Swindon1332′953-41
20Holsted Vs Grinsted03F2′2′310248-39
22Danish Individual Championships323R195. Plads
23Danish Division 1 @ Outrup – Outrup33332141. Plads – 35 Pts
25Wolves Vs Belle Vue0132′6153-39
26Dackarna Vs Vastervik0200248-48
27Fjelsted Vs HolstedR3232′111147-40
29Grinsted Vs Holsted2′3332114250-37
1Wolves Vs Lakeside0120350-43
2Dackarna Vs LejonenT331739-33
3Holsted Vs Holstebro331′2′2′213349-37
7World U21 Team Cup22323122. Plads – 55 Pts
9Vetlanda Vs Dackarna002255-41
11Ostrow Vs Daugavpils332′1′211260-27
14Daugavpils Vs Ostrow200254-37
15Wolves Vs Eastbourne1′F337155-39
17Slangerup Vs HolstedF233121143-41
19Holsted Anniversary1447-43
21Ostrow Vs Grudziadz31′0138151-41
22Wolves Vs Poole13X2′6154-38
23Dackarna Vs Rospiggarna0202449-47
24Lakeside Vs WolvesX02′2′4248-42
25Peterborough Vs Wolves2′0316149-41
27World U21 Semi-Final – Kumla1213297. Plads
28Ostrow Vs Tarnow3003L – 57:34
1Poole Vs Wolves202′31′8246-44
4Eastbourne (Guest) Vs Peterborough1′1′3005244-46
6Wolves Vs Eastbourne12′2Fx5150-42
7Piraterna Vs Dackarna3121′31′112W – 53:43
9Ipswich vs Wolves0022′4149-41
11Speedway Wortld Cup Semi-Final1221283. Plads – 45 Pts
12Rybnik Vs Ostrow031450-42
16Speedway Wortld Cup Race-Off2100364. Plads – 34 Pts
20Wolves Vs Coventry2′0316154-39
21Dackarna Vs Indianerna1R01251-45
23Peterborough vs Wolves0120351-45
25Gustrow Vs Diedenbergen3331′2′012253-33
26Poznan Vs OstrowR1′102153-38
27Wolves Vs Ipswich000049-41
2Ostrow Vs Rzeszow3022R1840-53
3Gary Peterson Memorial TrophyX3333123. Plads
4Vastervik Vs Dackarna2021′05160-36
5Holsted Vs Slangerup2′3FR2′1′8246-41
7Danish Championships2113186. Plads
8Danish Division 1 @ Outrup – Outrup33233142. Plads – 30 Pts
10Wolves Vs Peterborough1332′9158-37
11Lejonen Vs Dackarna30001453-43
1425 years of Grindsted32131105. Plads
16Danish U21 Individual Championship333312152. Plads
17Belle Vue Vs Wolves2′12′2′7357-37
18Dackarna Vs Vetlanda0002246-50
22Eastbourne Vs Wolves1032′6151-39
24Wolves Vs Swindon0100147-43
26Brovst Vs Holsted23312′1′1249-38
27Coventry Vs Wolves2′032′7247-43
30Ostrow Vs GrudziadzR002T248-45
31Wolves Vs Peterborough2′0316156-36
2Holsted Vs EsbjergR330628-29
3Swindon Vs Wolves1031551-39
5World U21Team Cup222232132. Plads – 45 Points
6Grudziadz Vs Ostrow12020547-42
9Holstebro Vs Holsted011013644-43
10Coventry Vs Wolves – ML00311550-43
12Danish Division @ Outrup – Outrup3333121. Plads – 46 Points
14Wolves Vs Coventry – ML2′3319162-31
15Danish Division @ Grindsted – Outrup03332113. Plads – 34 Points
16Esbjerg Vs Holsted132′2′R210248-38
24Wolves Vs13138
28Lakeside Vs Wolves3220R746-44
3World U21 Final – Gorican31321106. Plads
5Wolves Vs Swindon1103554-38
8Peterborough Vs Wolves – ML2132′838-34
12Swindon Vs Wolves01′001152-41
19Banks’s Olympique @ Wolverhampton31321104. Plads
22Dan Giffard Farewell @ Redcar – Wolves23302′111148-42
23Kenny Smith Memorial @ Scunthorpe03330946-44
25Pride of the Potteries @ Stoke33331133. Plads
26Wolves Vs Peterborough – ML11Fx3558-36
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