Piotr Prucnal


Piotr is 34 years old and lives in Ostrow, Poland. He is originally from Rzeszow where he rode in his younger years. Before joining the team in 2013, Piotr previously worked for Mikael Max, Scott Nicholls and Patrick Hougaard.

Dan Giffard

Dan is 32 years old and lives in Wolverhampton, England. He is originally from Eastbourne and rode speedway himself until a injury put an end to his career.
Before joining the team this year, Dan previously worked for Ty Proctor, Ricky Wells and Peter Karlsson.

In addition to Piotr and Dan, we also have volunteers who help behind the scenes.

Gert Hansen (Advisor), Steffen Andersen (Coordinator), Danni Rasmussen (Website), Ian Corbett (Driver), Torben Klindt (Right Hand).

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